21 Must-Try Winter Indian Foods to Warm up the Seattle Winters

Seattle winters are notorious for their chill, but fret not, for we bring you a culinary journey that will not only warm your soul but redefine your winter dining experience. Mayuri Catering takes you on a delightful exploration of 21 must-try winter Indian foods that promise to be your perfect companions in the cold.

Simmering Yellow Jalebis:

Indulge in the gooey goodness of simmering yellow jalebis, a classic Indian dessert served with a glass of hot milk or a dollop of rabri. These sweet spirals are a delightful start to your winter feast.

1.Hot Moongphalis in Bothell:

For a constant companion in the cold, munch on hot moongphalis (groundnuts). These crunchy delights not only satisfy your snack cravings but also keep you warm during chilly Seattle evenings.

2.Bite into Crumbly, Hot Samosas in Redmond:

Savor the warmth of crumbly, hot samosas filled generously with potatoes, peas, and paneer. Pair them with shots of hot tea for a comforting experience that transcends the winter chill.We can’t wait to whip up a plate, especially for you at our Indian restaurant.Order now or drop in to try them.

3.Mouth-watering Momos in Everett:

Treat your taste buds to mouth-watering momos, a perfect blend of flavors wrapped in delicate dumplings. These steamed delights are sure to add a touch of warmth to your winter evenings.

4.Khichuri-Begun Bhaja-Chutney:

Experience the heartiness of khichuri-begun bhaja-chutney, a wholesome combination that brings together the richness of khichuri, the crispiness of begun bhaja (fried eggplant), and the tanginess of chutney.

5.Paanch Phoran Tarkari:

Dive into the flavors of paanch phoran tarkari, a winter vegetable medley cooked to perfection. This dish, seasoned with the aromatic paanch phoran spice mix, is a celebration of seasonal produce.

6.Undhiyo – Winter Veggie Extravaganza:

Indulge in undhiyo, a culinary masterpiece featuring nutritious winter veggies in a creamy spinach paste. Best enjoyed with hot roti, this dish is a wholesome delight for the cold season.

7.Steaming Vada Pav:

For a soulful treat, relish a plate of steaming hot vada pav. Prepared with besan, potatoes, and green chillies, these deep-fried delights, served with chilli powder or sweetened chutney, are a true winter comfort.

8.Thukpa – Indo-Tibetan Noodle Soup:

Warm your insides with thukpa, an Indo-Tibetan noodle soup with a flavorful broth. This piping hot veggie bowl is the perfect remedy to keep you warm and cozy during the Seattle winter.

9.Sarson Ka Saag with Makki Ki Roti:

Experience the authentic flavors of Punjab with sarson ka saag, a dish prepared with mustard greens, ginger, and garlic. Traditionally served with makki ki roti, this winter treat is enhanced with a dollop of white butter.

10.Bajra Khichdi – Rajasthani Comfort Food:

Delight in the simplicity and nutrition of bajra khichdi, a traditional Rajasthani dish made during the winter season. Rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and fiber, this dish is a hearty option to keep you warm.

11.Moong Dal Halwa – Winter Dessert Delight:

Indulge your sweet tooth with moong dal halwa, a delicious dessert that promises to keep your body warm during winter. Packed with protein and zinc, this winter treat is a delightful blend of moong dal, milk, and ghee.

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