21 Must-Try Winter Indian Foods to Warm up the Seattle Winters PART2

12.Nihari – Mughal Era Stew in Redmond:

Transport yourself to the Mughal era with nihari, a stew featuring shank meat cooked with bone marrow. Traditionally consumed during chilly winter mornings, nihari, when paired with khameeri or tandoori roti, provides a protein and fat-rich winter warmer.

13.Panjiri – Winter Delicacy:

Savor the taste of panjiri, a winter delicacy made with wheat flour, ghee, sugar, cardamom, spices, and an abundance of dry fruits. This heat-generating dish is not only perfect for winter but also an excellent postpartum food aiding in recovery.

14.Gond Ke Laddoo – Winter Sweet from North India:

Treat yourself to gond ke laddoo, a popular winter sweet made from gond, an edible gum extracted from tree bark. Known for its special nutritional powers believed to combat winter chills, these laddoos can be stored for months and offer digestive benefits.

15.Kharode Soup – Mughal-Era Clear Bone Broth:

Sip on kharode soup, also known as paya ka shorba, a clear bone broth made with goat or lamb trotters. Originating from the Mughal era, this slow-cooked broth is rich in flavor and highly nourishing, especially during sickness or injury.

16.Til Pitha – Assamese Crunchy Snack:

Enjoy the traditional Assamese dish of til pitha, a rice flour pancake stuffed with ground black sesame seeds and jaggery. These crunchy snacks, made during the Bihu festival, are prized in Ayurveda for their ability to generate heat and energy in the body.

17.Gajar Ka Halwa – Winter Dessert Classic for Seattle:

Indulge in gajar ka halwa, a winter dessert classic made by simmering grated carrots in full-fat milk. This sweet dish, rich in vitamin A from beta-carotene, not only delights your taste buds but also strengthens the immune system.

18.Rasam – South Indian Comfort Soup for Bothell:

Warm up with rasam, a South Indian comfort soup known for its spicy and tangy flavors. This soup, often consumed during winters, is a perfect addition to your winter Indian food repertoire.

19.Beetroot Thoran – South Indian Specialty:

Savor the nutrition and flavor-packed Beetroot Thora, a South Indian winter specialty cooked with chillies and Haldi. The stir-fried beetroot with spices creates a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, providing the ideal remedy for the chills.

20.Nolen Gur Sandesh –

Melting in mouth Sandesh flavored with the amazing Nolen Gur, Nolen Gurer Sandesh has a unique earthy aroma to it. It brings together the essence of warmth and sweetness.

  1. Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, and Rasmalai

Your winter feast with the delightful trio ofGulab Jamun, Rasgulla, and Rasmalai. These winter sweets add a perfect finishing touch to your culinary journey, bringing together the essence of warmth and sweetness.

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