Onam in Seattle

Onam recipes in Seattle 2024

Do you smell that?

Hmm, yummy!

It is the aroma of delicious onam sadya dishes filling the air. 

Onam is when families come together to cook for a grand feast, Onam Sadya. The festival of Onam is a party for your taste buds. Imagine the taste of piping hot rice served on fresh banana leaves, accompanied by curries and chutneys that transport you to a world of culinary delight. These are lovingly prepared using age-old recipes passed down through generations. The dishes are a celebration of culture, heritage, and the cherished bonds that tie us to our roots. 

Preparing this Kerala food long menu requires a lot of patience and an even longer list of ingredients.Don’t worry we got your back. Let’s dive into the world of Onam Sadya dishes and simplify the process for you.

  1. Avial – A signature dish of Onam Sadya, Avail, is a vibrant mix of colorful vegetables including carrots and pumpkin. It is cooked to perfection and then coated in a luscious blend of grated coconut and yogurt. 

The ingredients needed are- 

Ingredients Measurement (1 serving)
cucumber ¼  cup 
pumpkin 2 tablespoon
water ¾ cup 
red chili powder ¼ tablespoon
green chili 1
yogurt (curd) 2 tablespoon
salt As per taste
Carrot ¼ cup
green unripe bananas 2 tablespoon
turmeric ¼ teaspoon
coconut ¼ cup
cumin seeds  As per taste
Coconut oil ½ teaspoon
Curry leaves  2 and ½ 


Preparation time – 30 – 40 minutes

Onam in Seattle

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  1. Olan – A simple and elegant dish, Olan,  combines ash gourd, pumpkin, and black-eyed peas with a coconut milk base. Mild spices and curry leaves enhance its delicate flavor, making it a favorite among Onam revelers.

 It can be cooked easily at home using these ingredients – 

Ingredients Measurement (4 servings)
Red cow peas ½ cups
Ash guard 2 cups
Green chili 4 (as per taste)
Thin coconut milk 1 cup
Thick coconut milk ¼ cup
Curry leaves 1 sprig
salt 1 ½ tablespoons As per taste
Coconut oil 1 tablespoon

Preparation time –  10 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Total time – 40 minutes

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  1. Sambar – Alright, now let’s talk about the superstar food from Kerala. 

Bursting with the goodness of lentils, mixed vegetables, and the zing of tamarind, this hearty stew dances on your taste buds. Whether drizzled over rice or sipped as a comforting soup, sambar is the symphony of tastes that makes your Sadya truly sing. 

Ready to make this mouth-watering dish? 

Ingredients Measurement (1 servings)
Pigeon pea (toor dal) ½ cup
turmeric ¼ cup
oil 1 teaspoon
Water  1 1 /2 cup
onion 1/2
tomato 1
Carrot  1
Chopped beans
potato 1
brinjal 2
Few curry leaves
jaggery 1 tablespoon
Tamarind extract 1/2 cup
salt ½ tablespoon


Get your notepad to jot down the ingredients.

Onam food in Seattle

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  1. Thoran – Here, veggies get a flavorful makeover with a dash of coconut magic!

Thoran, a beloved dish in Kerala’s culinary repertoire, is a delightful stir-fry of finely chopped vegetables sautéed with coconut and a sprinkle of aromatic spices.

Here’s a detailed list of all the ingredients needed –

Ingredients Measurement (1 servings)
Fresh coconut, grated ½ cup
Green Chillies
Cumin seeds 1 tablespoon
Carrots 3
Green beans 1 cup
Coconut Oil  1 tablespoon
Mustard seeds ½ tablespoon
White Urad Dal 1 tablespoon
Pearl onions  ¼ cups
Curry leaves 2 sprig
Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon
salt As per taste


Preparation time  – 15 minutes

Cooking time – 35 minutes

Total – 50 minutes

Onam in Seattle

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  1. Pulissery – Get ready to dive into a bowl of Pulissery – where tangy tamarind and velvety yogurt waltz together and will leave your taste buds dancing in delight. 

This easy-to-make dish requires the ingredients listed below – 

Ingredients Measurement (1 serving)
coconut oil ½ tablespoon
red chilli powder ¼ tablespoon
fenugreek seeds As per taste
Dry red chili 1/2
turmeric ¼ tablespoon
Grated coconut 2 tablespoon
salt As per taste
mustard seeds ¼ tablespoon
yogurt ⅓ cups and 2 tablespoon
cumin seeds ¼ tablespoon
curry leaves 1 and ¼ 
water 3 tablespoon
garlic ½ cloves


Preparation time – 10 minutes

Total time – 20 minutes

If you are out of any ingredients don’t worry!

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Conclusion – 

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of these delightful Onam Sadya dishes and their ingredients, there is no need to fret about the extensive menu. Onam Sadya is not just a feast for the soul but for the stomach.Enjoy the delightful Malayali food and grocery shop for the ingredients from our Seattle Indian Supermarket


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